Available Shipping Methods

miyabihobby offers EMS, Fedex, Air Small Packet, SAL Parcel, SAL Small Packet(registered, unregistered) delivery.

*If the shipping address is in an area which is not set up as a deliverable region for Fedex, there will be an additional handling fee of 2700yen.
Please make the payment for the additional shipping costs though this page. Thank you for your understanding.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any other shipping options. Please also note that EMS, Fedex and/or SAL service may not be available to all countries.

Please note that your shipping method may be changed by our store if your order is ineligible to be shipped by your chosen method.

Please understand that during busy times of the month our store may prioritize the shipment of Fedex orders, therefore EMS, SAL/Air orders may take slightly longer to be shipped in comparison.

If you do not accept the shipment, it will be shipped back to Japan, so please be mindful.
In these cases, we will charge 50% of the regular Fedex costs.

This will be deducted from the sales.
In other words, if the remaining amount turns negative, we will not be able to provide a refund.

Please check the cost of shipment for each carrier through their website.

Please understand that you will be charged VAT/GST when this order is delivered to you.
Besides, we will not undervalue on invoice.

The shipping service is offered for limited areas (only).
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Economy Shipping e-packet with tracking
All AREA (excluding asia)
All prices shown below are in JPY (Yen)
Up to 300g 940
Up to 500g 1200
Up to 800g 1690
Up to 1000g 1990
Up to 1500g 2500
Up to 2000g 3000

Economy Shipping e-packet with tracking
to Asia
All prices shown below are in JPY (Yen)
Up to 300g 780
Up to 500g 980
Up to 800g 1280
Up to 1000g 1480
Up to 1500g 1920
Up to 2000g 2360

Small Packet shipping is not available for orders over 2000g

*With Tracking

North America: 14-30 days
Europe: 14-30 days
Russia: 14-30 days
Middle East: 20-30 days
Asia: 14-20 days
Oceania: 14-30 days
Economy Shipping is not available in some areas.

Standard Shipping EMS with tracking
USA, CA, AU, NZ, Middle East
All prices shown below are in JPY (Yen)
Up to 500g 2000
Up to 700g 2360
Up to 1000g 2900
Up to 1250g 3300
Up to 1500g 3700
Up to 1750g 4100
Up to 2000g 4500
Up to 2500g 5200
Up to 3000g 5900
Up to 3500g 6600
Up to 4000g 7300
Up to 4500g 8000
Up to 5000g 8700
Up to 5500g 9400
Up to 6000g 10100
Up to 7000g 11200
Up to 8000g 12300
Up to 9000g 13400
Up to 10000g 14500

Standard Shipping EMS with tracking
to EU, UK
All prices shown below are in JPY (Yen)
Up to 500g 2200
Up to 700g 2600
Up to 1000g 3200
Up to 1250g 3650
Up to 1500g 4100
Up to 1750g 4550
Up to 2000g 5000
Up to 2500g 5800
Up to 3000g 6600
Up to 3500g 7400
Up to 4000g 8200
Up to 4500g 9000
Up to 5000g 9800
Up to 5500g 10600
Up to 6000g 11400
Up to 7000g 12700
Up to 8000g 14000
Up to 9000g 15300
Up to 10000g 16600

Standard Shipping EMS with tracking
to Asia
All prices shown below are in JPY (Yen)
Up to 500g 1400
Up to 700g 1680
Up to 1000g 2100
Up to 1250g 2460
Up to 1500g 2700
Up to 1750g 3060
Up to 2000g 3300
Up to 2500g 3800
Up to 3000g 4300
Up to 3500g 4800
Up to 4000g 5300
Up to 4500g 5800
Up to 5000g 6300
Up to 5500g 6800
Up to 6000g 7300
Up to 7000g 8100
Up to 8000g 8900
Up to 9000g 9700
Up to 10000g 10500

Standard Shipping EMS with tracking
to South America
All prices shown below are in JPY (Yen)
Up to 500g 2400
Up to 700g 3080
Up to 1000g 4100
Up to 1250g 4900
Up to 1500g 5700
Up to 1750g 6500
Up to 2000g 7300
Up to 2500g 8800
Up to 3000g 10300
Up to 3500g 11800
Up to 4000g 13300
Up to 4500g 14800
Up to 5000g 16300
Up to 5500g 17800
Up to 6000g 19300
Up to 7000g 21400
Up to 8000g 23500
Up to 9000g 25600
Up to 10000g 27700

*With Tracking

North America: 4-9 Business days
Europe: 5-9 Business days
Russia: 5-9 Business days
Middle East: 5-9 Business days
Asia: 3-5 Business days
Oceania: 3-7 Business days

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