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Cancellation for Pre-Ordering

Cancellation for Normally Orders and Back Orders

I want to cancel my order.

Return Policy

Unopened Items

Opened Items

Undelivered Orders

Clothing and Apparel

Damaged and Defective Items

Product Package Damage

Return Shipping -- International Customers

How to Prepare Your Item for Return Shipping

Additional non-returnable items:

Sale items (if applicable)

Product Package Damage

I want to return a trading card.


Returns, Refunds and TITLE


Refused and Undeliverable Shipments

Sale items (if applicable)

Non-Refundable Down Payments

Refund deadline (for PRE-ORDER)

I did not receive the product I ordered, so I want a refund.

Placing an Order

Lost Orders

My order hasn't arrived yet?



Can you extend my payment deadline?

payment methods

Do I need to sign on receipt of the order?


Updating Shipping Method & Address

Can you ship to JAPAN?

Can products be sent to my hotel room?

Do I need to sign on receipt of the order?


Pre-order Pricing

About discount codes or coupons

About exclusive item

Credit card payment got an error.

When will my order arrive?

If I order from, will the money be settled right away?

I made an order, but I have not received an email.

Is the currency rate for the product price fixed?

My order does not arrive.

Can I purchase items without logging in?

Can I purchase without having an email address?

Pre-orders and Back Orders


Cancellation Cutoff Date for Pre-Ordering

Back Orders

Does the payment need to be made now? Or can I pay later?

Can all products be reserved and paid for later?

My credit card failed to settle. (For Pay Later service)

Can I cancel my order? (PRE-ORDER)

Is it possible to put all my orders together including the ones I have placed in the past?

When will the ordered figure products be released?

Can I pay later?


Restocking Fees


Customs of EU

Customs will not release the goods.

Request Product

How to Request Product.

Condition Ratings

All items 100% authentic?

About Discount code, Coupon

Can I reuse it?

Can I purchase items without logging in?

Can I use this discount code on ebay?

Is this the discount for one product item?

Can I give my discount ticket to my friend?

Is there an expiry date?

Can I use it when just ordering one product?

Can the discount ticket be used for reserved products?

Can you use multiple discount tickets together?

Are there only 5% discount codes?

miyabihobby promotion card

I want to buy an original miyabihobby promotion card.

Is there only one type of store original promotion cards?